Check out the new and improved Hemp Youth Elixir! She's even more decadent than before.

5 Amazing Products Coming Soon

Crafting effective organic products takes time! We've had our nose in the books and lab for over a year. Here are the first 5 amazing products coming soon!


The best time to foster youthful skin is while you get your beauty sleep. This elixir is a blend of the most powerful anti-aging oils to deeply condition your skin while sleeping. I also use a light layer during the day because it smells oh so floral and gives skin a brilliant glow!

✔ Improves skin tone and minimizes signs of aging
✔ Suitable for all skin types, including aging and acne prone skin
✔ Firms skin by triggering cell regeneration and collagen production

Ingredients: Marula Oil, Hemp Oil, Rosehip Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Spinach Seed Oil, Grapefruit Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Geranium Rose, Neroli, Jasmine, Immortelle



No matter what, our skin absorbs a handful of toxins over time. This is where our gorgeous pink mask full of superfood powders comes in clutch! Used twice weekly has shown to reduce blackheads and pore size as well as brighten skin.

✔ Detoxifies skin, soothes inflammation
✔ Decreases signs of aging
✔ Visibly reduces pore size
✔ Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients: French Pink Clay, Rooibos Powder, Royal Jelly Powder, Honey Powder, Goji Berry Powder, Echinacea Powder, Strawberry Powder, Baobab Fruit Powder, Acai Powder, Gooseberry Powder, Astaxanthin Powder

To learn more about these powerful ingredients, read our article 7 Surprising Anti-Aging Powders.



 Often times, your skin is unable to absorb a cleanser's properties before it gets washed down the drain. The consistency of our gel  cleanser allows you to leave it on a few minutes, soak up the anti-aging properties of Elderberry Extract and breathe in the fresh scent  of rose! Then rinse away.

 ✔ Gently removes impurities and makeup
 ✔ Natural detoxifier and anti-inflammatory
 ✔ Fights free radicals throughout the day including UV rays
 ✔ Lightens dark spots

Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol, Elderberry Glycerite, CocoGlucoside, Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Preservative Eco


Conventional Scrubs contain microbeads, tiny bits of plastic that harm our waterways and marine life. Our exfoliator is made with Rapadura Sugar so fine it is safe for the face and the planet.

✔ Gently exfoliates to promote cell turnover
✔ Brightens Complexion
✔ Moisturizes while exfoliating

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rapadura Sugar, Calendula, Vitamin E Oil, Preservative Eco, Blood Orange


 I like to keep my undereye gel in the fridge. The green tea and chamomile are already cooling, then with the cold fridge temperature my morning bags go away instantly! Overtime, it:

✔ Reduces inflammation and discoloration
✔ Prevents and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
✔ Brightens complexion

Ingredients coming soon.


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