Hello, you gorgeous goddess! Did you know? Blossom Valley Botanicals was born out of my own skincare mistakes. I've had many skin issues living in 6 states, but it all started when I moved from the dry Sierra snow to the humid, South Carolina beach at 18. Yikes.

I waged full-out chemical warfare on my skin. I didn't respect or support my body's ability to harmonize its organic self. So finally, after 2 years of toxic petroleum-based products... I gave up. And guess what? The most incredible thing happened.

My skin took a deep breath and said, "nice try gorgeous, but I'll take it from here!" 

I stopped stripping my skin of its natural goodness and it cleared up. I began supporting it with only the best organic ingredients in skincare. It regained elasticity. It began to glow in all its rosy glory.

Now, I love my skin! But the most important transformation was the one within. Learning my skin's natural processes fostered some serious self-love and a deep respect for Nature (plus some extreme pamper rituals that are oh-so-relaxing).

Just because I've befriended my own skin doesn't mean my journey has ended. Formulation is a neverending exploration! Click "Contact Us" below and we can craft something together! Odds are, our organic creation will help others and end up on our shelves.

Xoxo, Carly from Blossom Valley Botanicals