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Our Philosophy

We are Nature. We are not merely caretakers, but manifestations of the Earth itself. We are here to be a part of her-- to harmonize with her natural ebb and flow. And even, perhaps, to gently nudge the flow of energy around us! And that's all the fun. That's all the play.

We can nudge by treating our bodies to oils pressed from the seeds of her exotic fruits, or with powders ground from her magical flowers and roots.

We can nudge by working with our skin, to honor our skin. To honor nature, and all who compose nature's multitude-- from our skin cells to the pollinators who make organic skincare possible🐝

That's why our paper grows wildflowers and each purchase plants a tree. That's why we source the finest organic ingredients full of energetic goodness the way Mother Nature intended.

After all, we aren't lab made, are we?

We are Earth made.

Our skincare should be, too!