It's important to know what we're feeding our beautiful bodies and our beautiful Earth! 

DID YOU KNOW?  Almost 90% of the 10,500 ingredients in cosmetics known to the FDA have not been evaluated for safety

DON'T BELIEVE US? Lookup the toxicity level of your products using the Environmental Working Group's nifty tool HERE.

Many countries, including China, have stricter cosmetic regulations than the U.S. and use the U.S. as a dumping ground for the cosmetics they don't want!

The U.S. is the #1 producer of waste in the world, producing 30% of the world's waste despite only making up 5% of the world's population.

80% of all products produced in the U.S. are used only once and then discarded. 95% of plastic that is thrown away never gets recycled. This is why we avoid plastic at all costs and stick to reusable glass and bamboo containers!

These videos shed some light on the toxicity of conventional cosmetics: